Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy
Date Submitted: 28/07/2021 01:20 AM

1. During the warranty period, UNIONCOMMUNITY VIETNAM Company only warrants products, goods, equipment, components, ... damaged due to manufacturer's fault.

2. Products provided by UNIONCOMMUNITY VIETNAM will be remotely supported with installation, configuration and free installation consultation.

3. The following cases will not be covered by the warranty:

* Goods products without stamps, warranty cards issued by UNIONCOMMUNITY VIETNAM or still but stamps and coupons have been torn, damaged, patched, erased and changed information on stamps and coupons.

* Use with wrong voltage regulation, over capacity of the device. The device has been destroyed by fire, explosion, and impact.

* Damage caused by natural disaster, lighting, animal or human

* The product is only warranted for the period indicated on the stamp, the warranty card issued by the Company beyond the above time will not be warranted but will be consulted about the repair service at the Company.

4. If in the contract, handover minutes, warranty card, there is no warranty agreement written at the registered address of the customer, all equipment will be warranted at the warranty center of UNIONCOMMUNITY VIETNAM.
Address: 2F, A2-00.07, Sarimi A2, 74 Nguyen Co Thach Str., An Loi Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC, Vietnam
Tel: 028 3535 7120 -  Ms. Phương

5. Time to resolve warranty from 3-7 days of receipt (excluding Sundays and Feast Festival) and depending on the damaged condition of the product can solve sooner or slower. But in some cases we will send to korea, party A  not be charged fee but must wait until 15 days or possibly longer.